Monday, July 30, 2012

Here's to the future!

Ok so I haven't been here in a while. Things have been busy here. Earlier this month on the 5th I got married to the best man I have ever met, I spent some time with my mom who was here from Florida for the wedding. Then we got some pretty cool news, we found out that we are expecting a baby. Unfortunately that also came along with my starting to feel really horrible and lacking any kind of motivation to get out of bed. Thankfully I am starting to feel much better and much more like a person again. So I am working on getting some posts scheduled and such and I am quite behind on writing my reviews for what I have been reading the past month, but The Book Addict will be back. We will begin normal posting again very soon and I look forward to it so much. I missed the blog and I look forward to getting more active in the community and really getting to know some of you guys!
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