Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: The Magnolia League - Katie Crouch

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Poppy (May 3, 2011)

After the death of her free-spirited mother, sixteen-year-old Alex Lee must leave her home in northern California to live with her wealthy grandmother in Savannah, Georgia. By birth, Alex is a rightful, if unwilling, member of the Magnolia League, Savannah's long-standing debutante society. She quickly discovers that the Magnolias have made a pact with a legendary hoodoo family, the Buzzards. The Magnolias enjoy youth, beauty and power. But at what price?

As in her popular adult novels, Crouch's poignant and humorous voice shines in this seductively atmospheric story about girls growing up in a magical Southern city.

My Thoughts...
Surprisingly I really liked this book.  I really wasn't sure about it but decided to give it a chance and it payed off.  I really liked Alex I felt bad for her at the start losing her mother and being moved from everything and everyone she has ever known and getting dropped in Savannah's high society.  I loved her spunk and determination to stay herself, well at least until she is finally let in on every one's big secret.  Then at first you see small changes, then finally she almost makes a big mistake.  In the end though I fell that she really is her own person who really is doing what she fells is right.  I also liked Hayes and Madison, I thought through the whole story that they were really going to betray Alex but they were as good a friends to her as they knew how to be.  Dexter was awesome in my opinion he always seemed honest and genuine.  I loved Thaddeus and I can't wait to see what happens with him in the next book.  Well actually I can't wait for the next book in general.  I also have to say that the setting of this book was great I love reading about the south and Savannah is one of my favorite places although I haven't been there yet.  One day though I do plan on going! I give this one 4 stars!


  1. Great review! I've been looking forward reading The Magnolia League.
    I'm a new follower, really like your blog! :)
    Em - Book Angel

  2. YAY! I bought this one a few weeks ago so I'm glad to see you liked it so much!!


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