Friday, March 29, 2013

Follow Friday (23)

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Its a way to get out there and meet new bloggers and discover new blogs. :)

Q: Tell us about the most emotional scene you’ve ever read in a book – and how did you react?

Not many books make me cry, but a few times during the series a beloved character would die, or something horrible would happen to someone I just loved to pieces. That series would be Harry Potter. More than one of the books had me in tears, the fact that it inspired so much emotion in me when books usually don't inspire tears proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was an amazing, well written set of books. 

What makes you cry? :)


  1. I think Harry Potter is coming up a lot today - it's definitely part of my FF. It's amazing how that series can be so emotional and yet still be so loved by everyone. You would think we'd all be writing hatemail to J.K. Rowling for killing off some of our favorite characters!!

    New follower via BlogLovin :)

  2. Harry Potter seems to be a popular choice today.

  3. I agree with yah there. It's amazing how attached to our fictional friends

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    My FF:

  4. Hopping through. Yup, it's hard not to get emotional over Harry.
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  5. I totally agree - books that can make such an emotional connection that they bring to you tears are always some of the best ones, imo. Harry Potter definitely included.

    Old follower :)

  6. I have not had the urge to read anything about Harry Potter, I am not sure why but somehow I just never got that burning urge to read these stories.

  7. nice answer!

    new gfc follower!

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