Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shelf Love (05) - Portero Series by Dia Reeves

Ok so I'm going to be doing a new feature on the blog. Every Thursday I'm going to pick a series and display their covers all together just to show how great they would all look sitting on the shelf. Since most of my reading is done with E-Books, I don't have an impressive shelf at home to display all my pretty books. So this will be my chance to make a pretty shelf of my own.  If you guys feel like joining in and showing off great cover sets to series you love just leave a comment below and I'll come check it out =o)

My pick this week is,  The Portero Series by Dia Reeves

I LOVE these covers they are both so creepy and strange. They also seem to fit the books once you read them. These two are proudly sitting on my itty bitty real life shelf and they look great sitting there next to each other! 

Tell me what you think of these or what covers you like! =o)

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