Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Blog Hop (6) Follow Friday (5)

Friday Blog Hop is hosted by Jenn at Crazy-For-Books.   It is a weekend long Book Party giving bloggers a chance to get to know each other and access to new blogs that we all might enjoy! If you haven't stopped by to give the hop a look I highly suggest that you do! Also every week there is a new question posted for us at answer this weeks question is...

"If you find a book you love, do you hunt down other books by the same author?"

Yes, If I find an author who can tell a good story and whose writing I like I do tend to look for other books by them to at least give them a try. I'm trying to diversify my genres that I will read as well which is good for when an author I like writes more than one genre.  One of the things I have enjoyed most about blogging the past 2 months is finding new authors, or new books that I might like even if they aren't in my "typical" genre.

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee, every week we all get together to answer a question and find new blogs that we enjoy. This weeks question is

Q. What is on your current playlist right now?

oh boy my play list is a mishmash of everything lol

Man - O - War
Toby Keith
Kenny Chesney
Taylor Swift
Kings of Leon

just to name some of the mishmash hehe


  1. I Love Kings of Leon! I went to their concert last year and it was amazing. :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love Toby Keith, Kenny and Taylor. Kenny Chesney is actually from a town about 30 mins away from where I live. Great Playlist!

    I'm an old follower:)

    Here is my FF

    Happy FF!!

  3. Metallica and Taylor Swift. You jump around like I do!

  4. Fun music picks! I love a little bit of everything too. :)
    Happy Friday!
    kathy from Read This Instead

  5. Hi Melissa-- new follower here :) Music mishmashes are the best!

    Come stop by and see me sometime :)

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  6. I love book blogs for that same reason. I don't have much of a playlist I'm afraid.

  7. Taylor Swift! Me too!! Metallica!? - wow! That ecleptic.

    New follower!

    Jade @


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