Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Zombies Don't Cry - Rusty Fisher

  • Reading level:
  •  Ages 12 and up
  • Paperback:
  •  300 pages
  • Publisher:
  •  Medallion Press (May 1, 2011)

In the sleepy small town of Barracuda Bay, Maddy Swift leads the life of a fairly typical teenager, but while attending a party one night, Maddy is struck by lightning and awakens to realize she has been reanimated and turned into a zombie. While becoming acquainted with her new "lifestyle," Maddy stumbles upon two unexpected undead chaperones, fellow students Dane and Chloe, who begin to teach her the ways of zombie life, including defending the populace from Zerkers—the bad zombies. Together, on prom night, the three teens must ultimately defend Barracuda Bay High from an all-out zombie Armageddon.

My Thoughts...
I was on the fence with this book tour. As I have stated before I am a wuss and zombies give me the creeps.  So you might ask why would you request a book that is clearly about zombies? Well to that I say I read the description on Goodreads and saw a few reviews that convinced me that this was more than you're typical zombie book, and it sure was! Maddy is a normal teenager struggling with normal things like a best friend who has the amazing ability to make everything all about her, a father who loves her, cares about her, but seems to work too many hours, bullys, and boys. Maddy's life takes a major turn when she literally bumps into the new school hottie, not once but twice in the same day. He seems interested in her which doesn't happen often with a spotlight loving best friend. Our hottie invites Maddy to a party and while she things that maybe things will change for her, she doesn't realise just how true this is. Maddy never makes it to the party she does how ever get struck by lightning and reanimated. This starts Maddy's journey of learning how to be a zombie, and how to pass for a still living girl. She makes some new friends and continues dealing with old enemies. this was a great story there was self discovery, tension, a romance that feels just out of reach. The characters were all pretty awesome in there own way. The ending was pretty shocking, I didn't quite expect things to go down quite the way they did. All in all this story kept me turning the pages and wanting more. I highly suggest this to everyone even wusses and zombie scardy cats.  I hope you give this one a chance it is well worth it. I give this one 4 stars. 

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