Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Blog Hop (2) Follow Friday (1)

Friday Blog Hop is hosted by Jenn at Crazy-For-Books.   It is a weekend long Book Party giving bloggers a chance to get to know each other and access to new blogs that we all might enjoy! If you haven't stopped by to give the hop a look I highly suggest that you do! Also every week there is a new question posted for us at answer this weeks question is...

"Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?"

My answers - I am a one book at a time kinda gal. I have a hard time keeping the stories straight when I try to read more than one book at a time and I feel for me it takes away from the stories when I have tow ork so hard to keep everything straight. 

I Look forward to reading everyone elses answers....Happy Friday!! and Happy Reading!!

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee every week there is a new question this weeks question is...

Q. How did you come up with your blog name?

Mine is really quite simple I'm a book addict. I always have something I'm reading and take my reading everywhere with me. Books and reading are my guilty little addiction! 


  1. Hi! Melissa I'm a new follower. I read one book at a time too! Otherwise I get everything all scrambled up.


  2. Just blogging by, nice blog name, stop and see mine.

  3. I usually have more than one going, but occasionally I will have to drop one if there are similar stories going on or I do wind up getting confused.

  4. Not everyone can multi-task and nobody should. When it comes to book sure, I can't read four books simultaneously (or even two, for that matter!) but there are times I'll juggle as many as four books at a time depending on the subject matter, the urgency or more often both.

    The real trick to this is what KINDS of books to juggle. Hop on over to my blog and learn the method behind my madness - http://www.howardshermannet
    Howard Sherman

  5. Thanks for stopping by my hop. I am a new follower. I try to read one book at a time as well.

  6. Hi, Melissa! Thank you for stopping by the blog and for following! I am also following yours. :) Lately, I've been reading one book and listening to an audiobook in the car (and at work, hehe).

    Jess @ Gone with the Words

  7. Hi,

    Stopping by via the hop.

    I agree with what you have said about only reading one book at time. I am the same, I feel if I read more than one book at a time the stories become confusing in my head and I don't want that to come out when I write a review.

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

  8. I guess I'm lucky that I don't have trouble keeping books straight while I'm reading them, though several at a time does make for trouble later if I'm trying to describe a book to someone.

    New follower and Happy Hopping!

    ~Anne (

  9. Hopping through. New follower! I'm a book addict too. I think all of us bloggers are.
    My Hop

  10. I can't help but to have half a million books going at once! Too many good books to read. :O

    Have a great weekend!
    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books

  11. It's okay to only read one at a time. Probably the best way to do it. I'm way too impatient to only read one at a time. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by! New Follower!

    Happy Hop!

  12. I love your layout. So clean and pretty!

    I prefer to read one book at a time, too. :]

  13. Newest follower here via the Friday blog hop. I am a new contemporary romance writer and a reader of almost everything! Hope you stop by and check out my blog.


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